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Intercession Program

Adventures in Education


Twice a year, for two weeks, our students are outside of the school building learning in new, exciting environments. Whether that is learning about nature by hiking the Appalachian trail or apprenticing with a carpenter, we challenge our students to step out of their comfort zones and learn something new.  


Real world experience is key to developing young men and women to learn to grow in real world experiences. Our students are regularly learning skills that will train them for a lifetime of overcoming adversity and discovering new interests!


For two weeks to start our school year in August and for two weeks in March, our students are experiencing fun, exciting, and challenging environments that push them to understand their true personal vocation!  


Anywhere! This past semester, we started our school year in Gatlinburg, TN and have plans to send our Spring Intercessions to the Appalachian trail, scuba diving school, carpentry, and more! Intercessions can be created by students or provided by teachers but the opportunities to do great things intercession are endless!