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The Capodanno Way

Father Vincent Capodanno High School is founded upon the belief that every student has a unique personal vocation to which God has called them and it is our job to equip them to find and excel in that calling. This means that we prioritize things that other schools simply don't, namely, Service, Character, and Leadership. Here's why...

For decades, the productivity of the American economy grew in conjunction with job growth and wage increase. In other words, for the economy to grow in productivity there also had to be more jobs and higher wages to facilitate that growth. That congruency started to wane around the year 2000 in what economists called "The Great Decoupling." With the advent of automation and artificial intelligence that gap is only increasing meaning that the economy is able to keep growing without also needing to add jobs to sustain that growth. So far, no educational model has been created that trains students to succeed in an economy with those challenges. Until now.


The Great Decoupling

As it turns out what is needed to succeed in today's economy are not the things most schools focus on developing in their students: Soft skills, namely personal character and leadership. Capodanno High School was founded because we believed that there is an intersection of what the economy of the future demands and the Catholic faith. Our faith undergirds everything we do and we discovered that the keys to living out the faith also serve to develop students into the most effective employees in tomorrow's economy. 

That means that our curriculum is centered around the development of leadership skills, the formation of personal character and discipline built upon a service mindset. That is the Capodanno Way! We want to nurture students to discover their own personal vocation through an educational process that challenges them to grow in their faith, grow in their knowledge, and grow in their personal character. If you want your student to be in a school environment that challenges them to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ, become a leader who cares for others first, and foster a character of humility and service, Father Vincent Capodanno High School is for you! Contact us to schedule a visit or to speak with our admissions director!