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Creating Resilience

As our History teacher, Mr. Carron, often says, “Good training is hard to produce.” So, as FVCHS sets out to develop students with both grit and gratitude, courage and charity, and fortitude and forbearance, it can be difficult to find ways to create fertile soil for all of those things to grow. But we think we’ve found a few ways to do it...

This past month, Mr. Douglas Carron, American History teacher and Army veteran, set up a team training course at his farm in Linden, NC for our students to practice leadership and creative problem solving. The day began at Sacred Heart Church for mass and then we headed to the farm. Divided into three teams, the students went through a land navigation challenge, an obstacle course, and were given various tasks to complete along the way. The course was carefully constructed by Mr. Carron to challenge the students’ ability to lead each other and work as a team in order to complete each task with the most efficiency and speed. Afterwards, we gathered for reflection and gave the students feedback on their performance. However, the most important part of the day came next, hot dogs and smores in front of an open fire with pickup football in the background. Go Grunts!

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