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Still Serving

Crisis reveals how important Service is and at FVCHS, our commitment to it remains unhindered.

After hearing that the local food pantry at St. Anthony’s parish was running low on food, Freshman Cole Johnson, sprang into action. First, he put together a letter explaining the situation and what people could do to help. Then he hopped on his bike, distributed the letter to all the mailboxes in his neighborhood and began to receive donations. All of the food goes to help the needy and provide for people effected by the current crisis. This is a prime example of the ways in which Service is inculcated at FVCHS on a weekly basis. Two other students, Freshman Isabelle Klotz and Sophomore Miriam Evans heard that the local crisis pregnancy center was moving to a new locations. They did what FVCHS students do. They showed up, ready to help in any way they could helping Life Care Pregnancy Center to help others! The truth is that serving others is one of the surest avenues toward happiness and fulfillment in life. Jesus taught us that the only way to truly gain in life is to give and He exemplified that in the highest way. Our namesake, Father Capodanno gave his life for his men and we strive to live out his legacy. Our students are DOING IT and challenging all of us to expand the ways we serve others while they’re at it. Service, Character, and Leadership are at the heart of what we do at FVCHS. We are always seeking to guide students to live their lives for others, develop their personal character to become the people God made them to be, and to step above the status quo and lead others to do the same!

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