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Tackling the Trail

After months of planning, Spring Intersession 2020 Kicked Off!

One of the most effective ways to grow in character, confidence, and ability is to regularly put yourself in situations outside your comfort zone. This March, a group of ten Capodanno High students spent 2 weeks living (literally) outside that comfort zone. How? One week learning and practicing field medicine and wilderness survival and one week backpacking all the way through Uwharrie National Forest. Led by teachers Mr. Quayle, Mr. Hartley, Mr. Carron, and Mr. Mergen, these students made lifelong memories exploring the beauty of God’s creation and pushing their physical abilities to the brink. All ten students completed the 20 plus mile hike and survived the cold, the rain, and smell of ten students who haven’t showered in a week. Go Grunts!

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