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Training students to be world changers


At Father Vincent Capodanno High School, we believe that leadership training is what sets our students apart from others. Every week, students in each grade are in our SChL program for 7 hours a week. In this program, they are learning the keys to great leadership from former Green Berets, teachers specialized in student development, and published authors in leadership and business. This course builds on itself every year with the intention of developing each student to become a self-sacrificing leader who is able to effect the world around them with the love of Christ. 

This course begins with personal leadership where students learn that in order to be a leader of others you have to lead yourself first. Without personal discipline and motivation, one can never learn to lead others. The first year of this course is heavily focused on understanding topics such as personal psychology, neuroscience, stress and anxiety, memory, operant conditioning, conformity, and prejudice. A large part of this class is self reflection, teaching students to self analyze and playfully consider their personal vocation.

After setting the foundation to leadership, the students then begin to work to build their leadership skills in other aspects of their life. Whether it be in their academics, personal relationships, service projects, or sports, our teachers challenge our students to step up to be leaders providing them with personalized guidance to evolve into a luminary of steadfast leadership.


Character development is a key part of our curriculum at Father Vincent Capodanno High School. We believe that education should be focused on more than just knowledge. Without ignoring the intellectual aspect of education, we incorporate character development into everything we do by giving students responsibilities on campus to lead their classmates to help make our school better, instituting an intercession curriculum that challenges students to step outside of their comfort zones, and our service class that puts students in the community doing service projects every week. We work to form our students into the men and women Christ made them to be. 

Our service curriculum is modeled upon the life of Father Vincent Capodanno who embodied the call of Christ to "Take up your cross and follow me." Just as Christ laid down his life for the whole of humanity, Father Capodanno gave his life on the battlefield in Vietnam working to save the lives of his fellow marines. We believe that God calls every person to lay down their lives for others and we seek to guide students to find the ways God is calling them to put others ahead of themselves. If you want to learn more about our service curriculum, you can find that here.


Alongside our focus on leadership, character, and service, we provide our students with expert teachers to give them the knowledge empowering them to excel in all areas of life. We provide them with a staff of experts in their individual fields and real world experience. Credit requirements include: 

Theology - 4 credit units
Literature and Rhetoric - 4 credit units
History and Social Science - 4 credit units
Mathematical and logical reasoning - 4 credit units
Science - 4 credit units
Foreign Language - 2 credit units
Health & Nutrition - 1 credit unit total
SChL (Service, Character, Leadership) - 12 credit units

Retreat Units - 4
Electives - 8  credit units