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Only Two Miles to Go...

Then we would reach the Lake and the end of the trail. After 3 days of backpacking through Uwharrie National Forest, the FVCHS students were about to complete Spring Intersession 2020.

Watch the video to see what an incredible experience it was...


A Taste of the Future...

Preparing for your future can be disorienting.

Which is why FVCHS Students go through at least two Job Shadowing Intersession Courses designed to guide them experience potential careers.

Capodanno student job shadowing
Capodanno students hiking during intercession
Capodanno student job shadowing


Outside of your Comfort Zone is Where You Forge the Tightest Bonds...

When students go on Intersession, they are constantly challenged to get to be outside their comfort zone; but they are never alone their, and the relationships they build there can last a lifetime.

To find out what Intersessions being offered this year, Schedule a Visit!

Capodanno High School Students at the Lake
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