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Capodanno High School Students at Lockers
FVCHS S.Ch.O.L.A.R. pillars


Here at FVCHS we aspire to help our students become S.Ch.O.L.A.Rs.  We guide them to have a servant's heart, to be men and women of character, to order their lives around Christ with the leadership skills, academic rigor, and resiliency to succeed in this world and be happy with God in the next. Here is what sets FVCHS apart:


Service is helping someone else. Jesus said, “whoever would be great among you must be your servant, even as the Son of man came not to be served but to serve,” (Mt 20:26, 28). We desire to help our students grow to have a heart like Jesus, a heart for service. 




Character is a combination of virtues, values, traits (thoughts, feelings, & behaviors) as lived through people's actions. Each student possesses a unique character that Capodanno will help to develop towards a more virtuous life. Students will learn the academics of character as well as face situations, with coaching feedback, on how to improve in character.   



rder is the disposition of people in relation to each other according to a particular sequence or method, as well as a direction or instruction. At Capodanno we derive order from Jesus. We aim to help students order their lives around Jesus and give them the skills to pursue God’s purpose for their lives.



leadership is the action of getting yourself and others to choose what should, or needs, to be done. At Capodanno, students will be given opportunities to grow their abilities to lead themselves and their peers. We provide a safe environment, that allows failure, where students can learn and develop their leadership skills. 



Academics encompasses the specific subject matter students will be taught. At Capodanno we encourage teachers to use hands-on experiential learning techniques to educate all students for the next phases of their lives.


esiliency is the ability and will to persevere through, and grow from, adversity. At Capodanno our students will be exposed to and learn from challenges designed to assess and enhance their resiliency. Students will be provided with individual and group tasks, and face situations and environments, that will allow for resiliency focused learning.   


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