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Capodanno High School Students at Lockers
FVCHS S.Ch.O.L.A.R. pillars


Here at FVCHS we aspire to help our students become S.Ch.O.L.A.Rs.  We guide them to have a servant's heart, to be men and women of character, to order their lives around Christ with the leadership skills, academic rigor, and resiliency to succeed in this world and be happy with God in the next. Here is what sets FVCHS apart:


Our goal is to teach students to have a servant's heart, to serve like Jesus. At FVCHS, we dedicate a portion of every week, in service to the community. Students are taught the value of encountering Christ in practicing works of mercy. We encourage our students to seek out the needs of others, over our own wants and desires.   



Each student has a combination of distinctive character strengths. We guide our students to embrace their character strengths and to live virtuous lives. Under classmen learn about the cardinal and theological virtues and how developing these virtues enable them to live out their character strengths, to serve God, and to serve others.



In the opening verse of Genesis, God brings order out of chaos. In our modern lives, and in high school lives particularly, there can be a substantial amount of chaos. We aim to show our students how to order their lives around Christ and how to develop the executive function skills to be successful in the world.  



We offer a unique leadership program unlike any in the country. Every week, one of the founding members teaches leadership to our upper classmen. Students learn through experience how to develop resiliency, communicate, lead, and build up team members to accomplish a common goal. 



Father Vincent Capodanno High School strives to provide an excellent education in the Catholic tradition to young men and women by affording them the means to achieve spiritual, intellectual, personal, social, and physical development according to the teachings of the Gospel. FVCHS is committed to graduating responsible, moral, service-oriented young adults who will continue to grow in grace and wisdom.    


Here at Father Vincent Capodanno High School, we educate students with the eternal world view in mind.  We want our students to strive for heaven and to live with courage.  We teach our students to persevere through, learn from and overcome adversity, so that they can be courageous leaders with the clarity to pursue God’s purpose in their lives.  


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